Superb Learning Apps to Improve Grades

Parents and educational experts are used to treating mobile phones, tablet PCs, and various gadgets as distractors. Just a few years ago, schools and other educational institutions tried to prohibit the use of smartphones in lessons, but now the situation is different. After long debates, educators concluded that the Internet and digital technologies, in general, can help people learn better. The majority of modern students already suffer from a mountain of assignments and numerous responsibilities they have to perform. That’s why they use the Internet to seek assistance.
If earlier students can count on finding the theoretical information or the approximate answers, now they can order custom papers from academic writing services, such as Expert Writing. This way of dealing with difficulties is rather popular now, and the number of reviews proves this fact. Moreover, ordering assignments sometimes help them understand how to do this or that task.
But besides it, modern mobile phone apps can boost knowledge and academic performance. If you don’t want to spend time on finding the apps and testing them, explore the list of the top learning apps we’ve created for you:


This app is great for middle school, high school, and college students who have difficulties with learning languages. Duolingo is a relatively new experience. Sometimes students don’t want to learn languages and can’t make progress in it because teachers use outdated techniques. Duolingo lets you learn English or any other language on your own without reading theoretical information. Upgrade all necessary language competencies, do exercises, and track your progress. Good language mastery can do you a lot of good. If you used to order essays from such academic writing services, as speedypaper because your papers were full of mistakes, install Duolingo and get rid of such a problem.


It’s impossible to avoid writing academic papers while studying in school and college. Students truly hate this activity for several reasons, and strict formatting requirements are the first and foremost one. No matter how many times you read the rules of formatting, you won’t avoid mistakes. Teachers can put a lower grade because of this mistake; that’s why you’d better install this app and stop worrying about it. EasyBib can create a proper citation in a matter of seconds. You may order the paper from Speedy Paper; professional writers have no trouble with creating bibliographies. Read the speedypaper review to make sure of it.

My Study Life

We are sure that you got a few poor grades because you’ve missed a deadline. Sometimes it’s even not your fault — it’s impossible to track lots of assignments on several subjects. Purchasing a planner and writing notes on your own seems to be a good decision; however, paper planners are too heavy and bulky to carry them to classes every day. It’s better to install this app and track all your classes, tasks, exam dates, etc.


Self-learning plays a big role in studying. If you think that the information you obtained in class is enough to do all your homework and get a good grade, you’re wrong. The more additional literature you read, the better. We understand that making yourself read a boring book is hard, so Coursera is a great alternative. Take online courses on subjects that cause many difficulties and pass them to improve your knowledge and grades, respectively.